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Ten Pounds offer terms & conditions

The SitesPlus Referral Programme helps you to spread the word about SitesPlus with friends and acquaintances and receive a reward at the same time.

For every friend you refer and who becomes a SitesPlus subscriber, your SitesPlus account will receive a £10 credit when they pay for their first month (or year) of service. At the same time, your friend will also receive a £10 credit to their account.

Terms and Conditions

1. Referrers and referees must have a paying subscription to SitesPlus in order to apply the credits to their accounts.

2. Referees must quote the promotion code of the referrer at the time of subscribing to the service in order for both parties to be eligible.

3. Referral customers will receive a £10 credit when they register and pay for the first month of their subscription. This excludes paying only for SEO services.

4. The referrer will also receive £10 credit for each new customer they refer that has subscribed and paid for one month of service.

5. Referral programme credits do not apply for accounts that you may have been referred before the launch of the programme.

6. Referral credits cannot be assigned to any current SitesPlus subscriber or trial user who began their trial prior to the launch of the programme.

7. Only one referrer credit will be granted per each new referral account. If multiple referrers claim the same referral, SitesPlus will have sole discretion to decide the referrer for such a referral.

8. Referral accounts which are cancelled by SitesPlus for any reason will not be included in the programme.

9. SitesPlus credits are not transferrable.

10. SitesPlus reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any referring customer and/or referred customer.


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