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About us

SitesPlus aims to revolutionise self-build web sites for businesses. For most businesses, an effective, uptodate website is an important part of doing business. Providing a simple, affordable, way to make that happen is what SitesPlus is all about.

SitesPlus is an all-inclusive package. An easy-to-use site builder, requiring no previous web experience, coupled with hosting, individual domain name and email addresses.

Who are we?
The SitesPlus parent company, COSMIC, is a social enterprise company, based in East Devon.

COSMIC are a flagship Social Enterprise Company, which exists to help businesses and organisations achieve digital inclusion particularly in the rural areas. W do this by providing advice, support, training and technical delivery to small businesses and organisations.

What is a social enterprise company?
Social enterprises are organisations that aim to accomplish targets that are social and or environmental as well as financial, which is often referred to as the 'triple bottom line', people, planet, profit. In COSMIC's case the social objectives include working to improve digital inclusion for people, businesses and organisations, particularly in rural areas.

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We're proud of the many hundreds of businesses that we've helped set up online.

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